Terms and Conditions

By renting our product you agree to these terms and conditions:

Disclaimer: By renting our floral arrangements you understand that though these flowers look real, and are named after real flowers, they are in fact artificial, and therefore only resemble the real flower for which it is named after, or referred to. 

Pricing & Reservations: Half of the payment for your order is due upon checkout to hold your reservation date, and the other half will be charged to your card on file the day before your order is picked up or delivered.

We require a 60 day cancellation notice, otherwise your half payment cannot be refunded.

Price is for 1 setup/location only. The price you pay is for our movers and/or florist to set this item up one time, at one location. Additional fees will apply if the desired rental item is to be moved from the ceremony to the reception, or anywhere else.

Any damage done to our product beyond natural wear while renting our items will be charged to your card in the amount of 2 times the rental price of the item.

If an item is not returned within the rental agreement period of time, you will be charged 4 times the rental cost of the item and will be allowed to keep the item. 

Your credit card information is safely stored and will be deleted once the items are returned. 

Please be sure to check with your venue to confirm our rentals will fit in the desired place.

Refunds will be charged an additional fee to cover the fees charged to us by our banking institutions in order to issue a refund. 

If you need any item moved from the ceremony, to the reception, or anywhere else. An additional moving and setup fee will be required. Our arches, arbors, pillars, and backdrops are very large and do not fit through doors. They have to be dissembled, which requires our movers and/or florist to stay onsite through the ceremony and move to the desired spot after it is over, set it up again, and/or for our florist to arrange the florals again. Some items that do not need to be taken apart are still not easily moveable, like our garden arch, floral pillars, flower wall, ect. These also require our own team to move them. This is due to insurance reasons, it will not cover anyone outside out team if it is damaged during a move.

All orders must be over $300 to qualify for free delivery, setup, and pickup. The delivery cost for orders under $300 will be determined based off of location and whether or not it involves setup from our movers and/or florist. Please email us and we can give you a quote for this price based off these two factors. 

If you are renting our floral chandelier, it is your responsibility to provide a ladder tall enough for us to hang it, and a place to hang it from. We can provide a ladder for an additional fee if desired. You must also confirm with the venue that our chandelier can be hung from the desired spot on the ceiling. If we arrive the day of the event and there is no where to physically hang it, we will not issue a refund.

Product Handling: No rentals can be left outside overnight, including the altars, arches, or backdrops of any kind, as well as all floral arrangements. The flower wedding walls can only be used indoors and must never be taken outside except for transport. No one is allowed to transport, take-down, or move our product without prior written approval.

By renting our product you agree to these terms and conditions.

Please email us for any cancellations notices at: info@blueblossomrentals.com

Please remember these items are made with lots of love and care, and we hope you will treat them with such :)