Pompeii Rose Silk 12 Pack. $6/stem


This artificial Pompeii Silk Rose is an absolute staple for your floral collections/arches. This the perfect neutral sandy blush/taupe color that resembles Pompeii and Quicksand Roses, which are the most popular wedding rose varieties. It adds the perfect amount of color to a neutral floral color palette so it isn't washed out. This rose is seen in our Charlotte Collection and Garden Collections. 

This rose's petals are silk and stiff, but this is great for manipulating the petals by reflexing them back so that it looks incredibly realistic. The colors between these roses vary due to the dye being a hard color to achieve, but again, this is to a florists advantage as flowers do not all grow the same in the wild either, so by adding this slight variety to each one, they are more realistic. The colors vary from more tan to slightly more blush.  

The head on this rose is medium in size and is the same size as the real pompeii rose's head. It is not meant to be large, it should be the same size as an average Pomeii.

Dimensions: 21 1/5 inches

This item comes in quantities of 12 and is priced for 12 items. 


This item takes 1-2 weeks to receive domestically, and an additional 1-2 week internationally. 

Return Policy:

We do not accept returns unless damaged so please keep this in mind when ordering. If an item comes in damaged from the mail carrier, please take photos so we can file a claim and offer a refund. We are a small family company and are not able to handle returns at this time, but we hand select each flower very specifically to offer you the best florals and the exact same ones we use on our arches. We are confident you will love this flower for your arches as much as we do!

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