Soft Pink Peony 12 Pack. $8/stem


This artificial soft pink peony is one of our favorites for adding texture, the center is so beautiful and looks just like the center of a mature peony. Its petals are silk and fall softly outward that opens up the center of the peony. We use this in most our collections including The Chloe, The Charlotte, The Garden Aisle Flowers, and The Laurel

This is a silk flower, with beautiful soft petals and a rounded head.

Dimensions: 19 inches

This rose head is large in size.

This item comes in quantities of 12 and is priced for 12 items. 


This item takes 1-2 weeks to receive domestically, and an additional 1-2 week internationally. 

Return Policy:

We do not accept returns unless damaged so please keep this in mind when ordering. If an item comes in damaged from the mail carrier, please take photos so we can file a claim and offer a refund. We are a small family company and are not able to handle returns at this time, but we hand select each flower very specifically to offer you the best florals and the exact same ones we use on our arches. We are confident you will love this flower for your arches as much as we do!

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