The Sophia Centerpiece


We went above and beyond to make sure this centerpiece looks, feels, and SMELLS real too. To accomplish this, we used all real touch greenery and flowers so they look and feel real to the touch, but we also added rose oil to the center of each flower. These oils were made from steaming the petals of real roses and extracting the oils from the rose, so they now also smell real in every way. They are lightly scented so that you can only smell them upon coming close to the flower stem (no one likes over powering smells). ⁣

As for the style, we designed a trendier version of the romantic garden style centerpiece. Traditionally, is it elongated without any varying height on the top, but floristry is an art and you will notice the best florists are designing arrangements off-centered, with flowers placed as if they are dancing. It’s all about beautiful lines, textures, and varying heights between one half of the centerpiece to the other. ⁣

This centerpiece was made with neutral colors so that customizations with other colors can be added in. We used 3 light blush peonies as our transition color so that it can lead well into the next color, but this peony can also be replaced with white roses or hydrangeas. Please let us know what you prefer in the comments upon checkout, a small fee will be applied for any customizations. 

Dimensions: 24in x 18 inch

Compare to price $150-250

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